Child and Youth Protection Foundation Case Management Training

In the face of rising crime rate in the world, children are above all most vulnerable. Their vulnerability and innocence has placed them at the receiving end of all manner of crime, ranging from violence to abuse and trafficking, among others. In the light of the well-known saying that “a child protected is a nation preserved”, it has become imperative for individuals, NGOs and Government bodies to seek ways by which our society will be snatched back from the crushing hands of the vices and also help our nation remain as sane as possible, preserved for the future.

Peju Osoba, Case Managent CYPF training
Peju Osoba Facilitating one of the Sessions

“Navigating Case Management in Child Protection”, a 5-days training workshop with practical case studies and solutions organized by the Child and Youth Protection Foundation (CYPF) in partnership with the Global Fund for Children (GFC) with facilitators skilled and experienced in the area of child protection and the law as regards to child protection in the Nigerian environment.

” ………What we call juvenile deliquesce is actually adults irresponsibility.”

                               Mrs. Peju Osoba

 The 5-day workshop which held between 13th and 17th of November 2017 was designed to train staff, volunteers and partners of CYPF in child protection on how to manage cases especially when it comes to issues relating to abuse in children. The legal angle to child protection was also delved into.

Cross-section of Workshop Participants

This had to be touched because in our bid to help abused children, child protection workers need to know what laws have been enacted protecting a child’s right, knowing that “one cannot be a good child protector if you don’t have a good knowledge of the law” which will inform the case worker’s decisions in determining the best interest of the child, which is the core reason for any child protection activity.        




Kolawole Olatosimi, CYPF, Case Management Training Workshop
National Coordinator CYPF Coordinating his session

“The best place a child can be is with the family”

                 Kolawole Olatosimi                    

The workshop had about twenty-five (25) people in attendance, comprising of volunteers and staffs of CYPF as well as others from different NGOs within and outside Abuja. The workshop was divided into two (2) modules; the first module which focused on Case Management was facilitated by Mrs. Peju Osoba, the Coordinator of Terre des Hommes in Nigeria and the Child Protection Network in Ogun State. While the second module which dealt with the Best Interest Determinant (BID) and the Legal Framework for child protection in Nigeria had two resource persons facilitating, in the person of CYPF National Coordinator Mr. Kolawole Olatosimi and Barrister Joseph Gbagyo, managing partner of a law firm in Benue.   

Joseph Mtemdoo Gbagyo
Barr. Joseph talking about the legal component to child protection

“You cannot be a good child protector if you don’t have a good knowledge of the Law” 

Barr. Joseph Gbagyo

There are three basic requirements to succeeding in any pursuit; they are passion, integrity and expertise. The three are like the three legs of a tripod; all three are required for stability and functionality. The 5-days workshop purposed to and succeeded in building up the expertise of all who were in attendance.



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